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Eteris - About Us

Eteris is a company specializing in activities related to biomass. We sell and distribute biomass to industrial plants and energy companies. Our offer includes, among others, energy wood chips, industrial wood chips or wood pellets. As a certified supplier, we offer our contractors the highest quality products and goods as well as a comprehensive and professional approach to the customer. We work with companies from the public and private sectors. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to satisfy and meet the requirements of our most demanding customers.

Our mission

The dynamically changing world requires decisive action and an innovative approach. The energy industry has a huge responsibility for our future and for what conditions we will spend the coming years. A better tomorrow is our choice, which is why at ETERIS we focus on ecology and a stable tomorrow.

Why biomass?

According to the definition of the European Union, biomass is the biodegradable part of products, wastes or residues of biological origin from agriculture (including plant and animal substances), forestry and related industries, including fisheries and aquaculture, as well as the biodegradable part of industrial and municipal waste . The biomass also includes processed forms, including pellets and pressed blocks. Biomass is the world’s third largest natural and ecological energy source.

The use of biomass in the economy

Biomass is widely used in today’s world. The most obvious use is the energy industry. Biomass as one of the renewable energy sources is increasingly used and increases its share in the overall energy mix from year to year. Biomass can be used for energy purposes in the process of direct combustion of solid biofuels (wood, straw), gas in the form of biogas or conversion into liquid fuels (oil, alcohol). In addition, biomass is widely used in the wood and paper industry.

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Some numbers

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Increase in biomass consumption in 2008-2013
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That was the share of renewable energy in the EU energy mix in 2017
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Polish RES were biomass in 2016
Millions of tonnes of biomass were used in the economy in 2010